Posted by: mizou | December 31, 2007

Hello C.D.S. Citizens !

Welcome to the NuCARE Party website!

NuCARE stands for New United Citizens Alliance for Rights and Equality Party of the C.D.S. or the Confederation of the Democratic Simulators in Second Life on the following sims: Neufreistadt, Colonia Nova & Alpine Meadows.

NuCARE’s ultimate goal is to make a place where we can all live,
work and support each other, in democracy and freedom:



* NuCARE is committed to democratic principles that improve the experience of citizens who live, work and support in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators.
* We the members of NuCARE pride ourselves on
– our internal democratic principles,
– our openness as a party ,
– and that we operate according to agreed upon rules.


* We intend to open the experience of a democratic government to as many people in Second Life who wish to participate.
* We propose that a new sim is opened in 2008 with a variety of small low cost lots for new citizens of CDS.


* We in NuCARE believe in openness and that the principles of democracy as applied in CDS be widely understood. In the current Representative Assembly (RA) session we introduced the (1) Guided Tour Bill which received widespread support and approval.
This tour will provide a much needed mechanism to spread the message of CDS and democracy in an interesting way.
* We intend to build on this success and (2) make information about CDS available throughout Second Life by opening CDS embassies and stationing ambassadors outside of CDS sims.
We advocate the (3) promotion of the sharing between different Second Life cultures and systems, to promote the diversity of views, opinions and beliefs.
* We intend to promote education about and the development of metaverse principles.
CDS events such as the Metanomics lectures have been actively supported by members of NuCARE. NuCARE will (4) support a two way dialogue with those at the forefront of the metaverse movement.


* NuCARE is also careful to listen to the citizens and to ensure those views are respected and supported. We are proactive in presenting sensible policies which benefit the community and CDS as a whole.
* The Direct Teleport bill was introduced by a our RA member, thePrincessParisi and again received overwhelming support from the community. This change has brought benefit to citizens and business within the CDS sims.


* NuCARE believes in financial accountability. Therefore NuCARE will introduce legislation regarding a competetive bidding process for large expenditures.

NuCARE’s ultimate goal is to make a place where we can all live,
work and support each other, in democracy and freedom.